Building Efficient, Sustainable Peer Tutoring Programs. One School at a Time.

At PeerKonnect, we believe in the power of peer tutoring to provide quality academic support for students and build healthy, cooperative learning environments.


Our software includes both a student platform for learners to find peer tutors and schedule sessions, as well as an administrator dashboard for faculty to oversee and manage all student activity.


x3 Tripled the size of the peer tutoring program at Woodward Academy while administrators spent less total time
80% 80% of students feel a stronger sense of community/collaboration after using PeerKonnect
20% 20% of students have improved their grade by at least 1 letter grade after using PeerKonnect

Allows MORE students to get academic support

PeerKonnect alleviates stigma behind getting help, and enables ANY student in your school to get the help they need.

Allows students to get BETTER academic support.

Students directly request tutoring sessions and provide feedback, while teachers/admin are provided with more data and insight on their students than ever before.

Saves TIME and MONEY.

No more pencil/paper programs or manual spreadsheet matching. We make the lives of student tutors, tutees, and faculty much easier.


“PeerKonnect is a great way for students to find peer tutors, get the help they need in a course, and create stronger study skills. The students find the program easy to use and the administration can monitor who is asking for help, getting help, and providing help in one simple location. PeerKonnect is awesome!”

Dr. Nikki Lee
Peer Tutoring Coordinator
Chattahoochee High School

“My experience with Woodward PeerKonnect has been great! It is super easy to use, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs any tutoring help!”

Grace Whitmire
Student at Woodward Academy
Woodward Academy

“PeerKonnect has been a huge help. I have a rather large student tutoring program and PeerKonnect helps me keep up with my student tutors and their tutees. The platform is easy to navigate and gives me everything I need to manage my school's program.”

Ms. Lynn Robinson
Peer Tutoring Coordinator
Woodward Academy

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The Evolution of Peer Tutoring Programs: Past, Present, and Future

By Ray Liu and Sherri Bealkowski on Saturday, July 7th

Durham, NC - July 7, 2018 - Peer (student-to-student) tutoring is not a new concept. In the US during the 19th and early 20th centuries, most American students attended a one-room schoolhouse. A single teacher was responsible for teaching reading, arithmetic, history, and geography to six to 40 students in first through eighth grades! It became common practice for teachers to enlist the help of older students to help teach younger ones. This fluid practice of matching older or more advanced students with those needing help became more difficult to implement as the industrial age progressed, cities grew, and education ... Read more


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